Thrill Ride

Welcome to the Thrill Ride of your life! This compact craft It's actually a highly functional surfboard, so don’t be put off by it’s strange outline looks. This template consists of a straighter parallel outline from nose to tail - basically similar measurements at both ends.  The cut-off square-swallow tail eliminates drag, generating speed straight off the bat, as the additional single 12" tail channel bottom runs through the back fin - giving us and smoother and quicker water release, lifting the tail! This functional design brings back the fun into your surfing and allows you to experiment with new tricks or airs. The low entry rocker is basically designed for speed, as the parallel rails, makes this board extremely fast, putting speed and looseness under your feet. The wide cut-off square swallow makes pivoting easier as well, keeping it loose through turns.  We have found that thruster fin setups work well; however, a 5-fin quad setup will allow you to take on overhead waves of consequence, making this craft very versatile.
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