The Jellyfish Is one of my most popular models on demand as it’s size-range carries from short boards to the mid size with added volume throughout, which makes this board one of the easiest paddlers you going to surf.  It’s low entry rocker, combined with a deep concave will help to generate speed from the takeoff, and with the enhanced tail-lift; it will allow for easy turning – acting loosely at all times.  The extra width and volume, along with the wider out-line, makes this board look very appealing to the eye. The beauty about this model, is that it will eat up any slop or mush on offer and allow you to have fun in the smallest of smallest condition. Recommended as a 5 fin set-up. This will allow you to extend your choice of wave-size and give you the option to ride your board in larger conditions as a Quad, giving you positive hold and drive – thus giving you more versatility from your board when needed.


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