The Tomahawk - Tri-Vent-Hull is a futuristic mix of "Back to the Future" which defines "Turbulent Flow". This specially designed Hull can have a profound effect on reducing drag caused by friction, and that produces "speed" - having the optimum result we are looking for!  The “natural” bottom curve comes with "deep" single concave bottom, and this configuration consists of an inverted Tri-Vent-Hull that runs up from the tail, to the mid-rift of the bottom deck, then blends out into a Vee that's ends with a micro-bat-tail. This tail configuration gives us instant release when pressure is applied, as these 4-multiple release points reduce drag considerably. The acceleration is astounding, putting looseness under your feet, with control.  Making direction change like cutting through butter!  The overall straighter outline, enhancers speed, and the noticeable "break" in the rail, gives is more drive and release.

The configuration of the Try-Vent-Hull helps to direct the water flow, adds lift, and the feel of a smoother ride.  My goal is to reduce the travel-time when coming off the bottom, and have you hitting the lip faster!  So, this is where the term push-back comes into play, as a straighter rail has more wave-face to grab on, whereas rounded tails have less! This will also allow you to return quicker and be able to go into your next maneuver sooner - you will notice this drastic response, and this is what gets surfers excited!

The Tomahawk is intended to service all walks of surfers, as this craft is designed to perform in punchy beach breaks, or any down the line point breaks, as tested in a wave range of size between 2ft to 8ft at JBay pumping or New Pier barreling. Speed is the essence to performance, as it sets us up for better positioning on the wave, allowing us to do open powerful hacks, or tight arcs. It's all about optimizing the area given in the tail, thus making maneuvers it's strong point.  We recommend both Thruster and Quad 5 fin setup as this model can be ridden 2" to 4" shorter than your regular board, depending on your skill level!

I must confess, this all-rounder design will enlighten any intermediate or any hardcore advanced surfer that wants to experience the "over-drive" that this model carries - after all - it's about showing off and looking comfortable on a wave!
tomahawk size table

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