Whip lash

The Whip Lash is designed specifically for good surfers. A high-end compact performer in good medium to solid waves.  The curvier refined outline template offers better performance all round. It's strong entry nose rocker and tail rocker is what makes this model perform well in hollower waves.  Speed is no problem, as the extra deep concave in the tail area between the fins, allows for better water release, which adds lift for quicker turns, thus generating instant speed. Rail to rail transitions are quicker, and tighter arcs are way easier as the low-down rail engages quicker whilst cutting through the wave face. The volume is distributed evenly throughout, and with a low soft forgiving rail line, this helps to prevent catching, getting you up onto your edges quicker, keeping the board free, loose and responsive. The extra tail-lift and reduced "pod" tail surface area is key, giving you better options for surfing with control and confidence in punchier surf conditions. The pulled-in edgy pod will also allow for tight radius or critical turns, making it relatively easy to surf.  Mostly surfed at one’s normal given height - but should you feel the urge to go shorter, 1"to 2" is fine, or even 1" to 2" longer - it's just a file-tweak away!   All we do is widen up the width, and you good to go and rip.
whiplash table

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