Stab in the Dark – The 44

So everyone knows now that Graham Smith Surfboards got to the Stab in the Dark finalist shapers. Pretty soon we’ll have the 44 available for orders so more details in a few days.

This 44-model came about by cracking the nod for the Stab Mag “Stab in the Dark” surfboard campaign. The volume was set at 32 litres, so I decided to go for a versatile performing board focusing on speed, power and flow. I wanted to create something forgiving, with a little more lift in both the nose and tail areas, but still sticking to a basic design and keeping it simple. Added with a consistent distribution, and thinning out in the tail. I really put my emphasis on getting the rails to perform well, and to be more responsive and forgiving, without catching or bogging.  Having a little more curve on the rail-line which is worked in towards having a rail that allows you to accelerate in and out of turns. Basically a wider bottom edge shoulder that’s not so pinched!
Other aspects I focused on, was to keep the concave deepest between the feet, as this area is where surfers apply the most pressure, it also flattens the bottom curve a bit, and having an even concave-distribution, fanning out towards the nose and the tail. All in all, I just wanted to shape a sexy beast!!

Big shout out to Stab for getting me involved!

Graham Smith

For now you can watch it here


All photo credits to Alan van Gysen


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