Our Bullet Model is a refined, old school board that I adjusted from my days when shaping for T&C Hawaii.  We definitely see a "younger-trendy" surfer emerging towards this hype, and the demand is quite amassing to say the least. So, we designed a modern old-school board that will perform better in our day-to-day surf conditions. This bought me to playing with a diamond-tail concept. Firstly; it shortens your rail-line, giving you the feeling of a shorter board, loosens up your turns, and you will also experience rail to rail transitions are quicker, making it way more versatile in gutless waves. Its wider, old school nose is excellent for catching waves and will easily plane through flatter sections, as the bottom hull consists of a deep concave to flat-Vee-bottom, running out from the tail.  We have also adjusted our new modern low-rail which is pulled down off the deck - reduced volume for better bite which eliminates catching!   In turn, it will perform like a modern design when surfed either as a thruster or Quad fin setup.  The emphasis is on having fun in terms of “rip, tear & slash” in those favorable A-frame beach breaks. Basically, a great short board for small, medium or even head-high waves when executing some modern hacks or airs. This user-friendly board is a great addition to any serious new or old-school surfer and is a must in your quiver as we rejuvenate speed, power and flow from the old school ERA!
bullet size table

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