The 44

The 44-model came about when I cracked the nod for the Stab Mag “Stab in the Dark” surfboard campaign. The volume was set at 32 liters, so I decided to go for a versatile outline, focusing on performance and power surfing. I wanted to create something forgiving, with a little more lift in both the nose and tail areas, but still sticking to a basic design and keeping it simple. LESS IS MORE!





I stuck with a consistent volume distribution, but thinning out in the tail, so it would respond quickly. I really put my emphasis on getting the rails to perform well, and to be more responsive and forgiving, eliminating catching or bogging. I have given it a little softer curve on the tuck under the rail-line. This allows you to accelerate better in and out of turns. As Jordy says: “My dad always told me, keep the bottom-edge a bit extended, not so pinched! So, you can push harder off the bottom!”

Another aspect I focused on was keeping the concave deepest between the feet, as this area is where surfers apply the most pressure. The concave also flattens the bottom apex curve a bit, giving us an even concave-distribution fanning out towards the tail. I have also allowed for the option of a double concave to be shaped in on specific request, as this helps to reduce drag in choppy conditions, giving more control.
This is a board for the power surfer who likes to accelerate hard off the rail, be it at the bottom of the wave or off the top.

The 44 puts both power and speed under your feet!

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