Ice Breaker

Our ICE Breaker model is right between a Hybrid and an Egg shape!  I would have to say, it's the most versatile short Mini-Mal surfboard shape and has a good amount of volume throughout. The rolled deck, hiding volume and our new "low-rail" design also allows you to clime & drop and easily throw it around at will, either in moderate or hollow waves.  Its design consists of hard edges in the tail area, and with a natural refined concave bottom curve - making it a great combination that will give us a good response when surfing down the line. The tight Squash tails or requested rounded pin tails, adds more hold when going fast. Basically, putting you in control - our aim is to obtain a forgiving design, with lots of drive, making this model very effective in mushy or clean chest-high waves.  The soft tuck-under rails upfront will help to prevent catching if you're an intermediate surfer, thus making this model very versatile for all summer or winter seasons, irrespective of your surfing skills.

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