The Drifter - a surfer who has no limits and puts his emphasis on having a small fun surfboard design for all seasons in those everyday conditions. This mixture of old-school and today's modern hype designs, makes this craft very versatile in many ways. The bottom consists of a full concave running into a flatter apex belly, with a moderate nose lift!  The tail has a slightly more tail-lift to handle puncher waves, and the slighter pulled in tail, allows for tighter turns and hold. This model carries a bit more volume throughout, making it well balanced, epically for those heavier surfers.  It can be ridden at 3"/4" inches shorter than your normal board, giving you a feeling of being in control when standing on the sweet-spot. The configuration of the bottom Vee and the deep swallow tail, reduces drag, allowing the tail to sink quicker, roll over, enhancing the performance by getting you up onto the rail quicker. Adding more "spark" to your turns as our new "low-rail" engages quicker and cuts through chop, thus making transitions way easier.  We suggest ridden as a Quad in puncher waves, or Thruster fin setup in small mushy waves, and as a point of difference! How much easier you can pull the board around and bounce off the white water when doing cut backs and gets you back into a trim position!

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