Shapping Since:1969

Known for:“All around knowledge and skills in surf industry.”

Influences:“Max Wetteland, Errol Hickman, Al Merrick, Darren Handley.”

Philosophy:“You can’t put a limit to anything. Dreams can only be visualized by your commitment and abiding to a code of conduct.”

Quirky fact:“Less is more – a young man knows the rules, but the older man knows the exceptions!”

Favorite thing about Durban: “Warm water and consistency of good waves”


He continues to be really happy to shape for all walks of surfers, even our young high-profile surfers that need the attention. It’s always a challenge to find what’s best for each individual surfer. At Graham Smith Surfboards, we are always working closely with their team riders, and that is what drives us to grow from strength to strength as we expand our efforts with our surf team surfers. Gee feels there is no “secret weapon” or “magic stick” regarding board design – it’s about having past shaping experiences and the understanding of common designs, that suit the surfer, and making sure that your model is suited for your location.

Graham Smith Surfboards continues to produce a high-end quality product that has being proven and tested by some of the world’s best surfers. Their APS3000 shaping machine is one of the leading pre-shapes machines that will make a difference to your ordered board.  Our “cutting-file-range” is of the best designs on offer and we will find a model to suit your needs. We are about having a model that’s progressive and having a range of models designed to suit your surfing that will ride in most conditions. Feedback from our team riders and customers is crucial, as developing and improving new technologies is something that we will always attend to.

Consistency is key!  Graham Smith Surfboards strives to manufacture and supply the correct quality product at all times and remain as a high-end surfboard boutique that gives you confidence when choosing your next surfboard. Today, we find many surfers being disappointed with what they ordered. At Graham Smith Surfborards, we guarantee you satisfaction!

Graham Smith, aka ‘Gee’ was first introduced to surfboards at the age of 12, when he popped into Max Wetteland’s factory, one of SA surfing legend’s, based at the end of West Street, Durban. He was just helping out and the rest is history! He felt having a son like Jordy has helped him to understand what it takes to build boards that really work, as it has always been a consistent venture of trial and error with Jordy growing up. This lead Graham to being really content with what he was doing at that time – manufacturing and shaping, day in and day out – making him one of the most sought after shapers for our South African waters, a high performance surf zone at its best! He has maintained a respectful reputation, and one would class him as one of the SA industry leaders for his progressive approach in surf design by paying attention to finer detail when developing Jordy’s boards and models.

He has spent many years slogging at the bit, and that is the only way to understand all the components of manufacturing high performance products at large. Years of hand shaping helped him to mold his thinking into what is best. Especially in the 80’s when he was manufacturing Town & Country surfboards Hawaii – this really opened up many opportunities for him to shape boards for the best of the best and increase his knowledge of what dimensions really work best and where! We learn something new every day and he is really blessed to have been inspired by many shapers and surfers globally, and with Jordy on tour, had plenty of time to see what was on tap at events, which helped him to gauge what was happening with regards to design and location. This helped him to understand, what it is that makes the board under your feet, work well.

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