Mini Mal

This classic Mini Mal has stood the test of time!   Basically, emerged form younger old school surfers cutting down Malibu-logs back in the day - I did!  Today we have seen many beginners all starting to learn to surf on these "mid-length" boards, experiencing the term! Of getting stoked! We all got "hooked" on that feeling, and now It's about making surfing easier for those intermediate surfers in catching smaller waves with ease and having fun! Basically, it's all about the full outline, a wider nose area upfront, thus making paddle and catching waves a dream.  A flat entry rocker with a flip in the nose to help preventing you from pearling.  The bottom has a very basic subtle curve, which is used, so to trim fast, with speed. This gradually blends into a double concave Vee in the tail, allowing for a quicker rail to rail transitions.  Low soft, tucked under rails are key!  As they are more forgiving upfront and help to keep the looseness in the tail, allowing the water to release better when trimming fast. We do have a few different designing methods in our Mini Mal's so to accommodate each skill-level.  It's really important to keep the shape to be versatile for surfers, so climbing and dropping on the face of the wave is effortless.  Basic thruster fin setup is standard, but for the more advanced surfers, we have a few different fin options, and a more performance tighter-outline is implied to handle more challenging waves.

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