The Jordy-Jellyfish Model is one of my most popular “domesticated” models in demand at this point in time. Its unique design allows for performance in most surf conditions in the terms of having fun. Featuring many features that will allow you to surf this board in up to head-high waves when used as a quad. The main feature of this model is that it has an evenly distributed volume, which allows easy rail-to-rail transitions for its size. This all makes this board one of the easiest paddlers you are going to surf.  The low entry rocker, combined with a deep single to double concave in the tail will help to generate speed from the take off, and with the enhanced tail-lift and reduced tail surface area, will increase bite and hold and allowing for easier turning, acting loosely at all times.  The extra width and volume, along with the wider out-line, makes this board look very sexy and very appealing to the eye. The beauty about this model, is that it will eat up any slop or mush on offer and allow you to have fun in the smallest of small conditions and when used as a Quad, your surfing confidence will increase as the reduced tail area will prevent you from sliding out or drifting when doing hard snaps or tight carves. Basically, the nose outline has been tweaked to promote a better, faster water flow onto the tail, without reducing drive or losing speed. This tail setup helps to increase speed through turns, which make this model feel more like a short performance board. We recommend that it be ridden 3″ to 5″ shorter than your regular size board and as a 5-fin setup. This will allow you to extend your choice of wave-size and give you more options to ride your board in larger conditions as a quad – thus giving you more versatility out of your board when needed.
Jellyfish table
Jellyfish side 2
Jellyfish side 3
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