The Hookit is our new sleeker version of the Oxide. We have adjusted this model to fit the much-needed 5-fin set-up and it is on offer as a squash or round tail. We see many surfers looking for a board for all seasons, and a surfboard that performs in most favourable good conditions. Finding the perfect board is quite a task, so we have modified our Hookit to handle fast and hollow waves. This board will act as a step-up when surfing larger surf without having to increase you length. The Hookit serves as your go-to board if you need hold and drive. This sleek, clean outline offers a few more hidden liters under your chest and comes with a single concave, starting at the nose and runs through to the mid-riff, before it flows straight into a Vee, directly behind the fins. This bottom deck blend of an enhanced rocker curve, extending from nose to tail will give you an exceptional flow in and out of turns, allowing rail-to-rail transition in the pocket with speed and hold. Narrower outlines are known to work much better on down the line waves and better for tube riding as our rail volume is reduced marginally for better release. We recommend our standard dimensions on offer – however, if you fall under a large body-frame, we will make the necessary adjustments to suit the correct volume needed. Speed is a maneuver all on its own, and the fact is that it is the essential asset to improve your surfing!
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