Hookit model - a new version of our performance shortboard for the average to the advanced surfer. We are always tweaking this model to fit the criteria as we experience many surfers asking for a board for all seasons. A surfboard that performs in most favorable good conditions. The Hookit is designed to handle fast, hollow waves and comes with our standard rocker, it can take on any powerful swell on offer. It serves as your go-to board when hold and drive is needed. This sleek, clean outline offers a few more hidden liters under your chest, as the rolled deck hides the extra volume. The single concave starts at the nose and runs throughout the bottom, and flows straight into a double concave, running out directly behind the fins- giving us release.  This bottom deck's configuration adds more lift when pressure is applied.  Our new down-low rail will engage quicker, and hold better when turning off the bottom, or carving off the top.  The enhanced tail rocker, allows for a tighter arc, thus giving you an exceptional flow, and better rail-to-rail transitions in the pocket, done with speed and hold. We recommend our standard dimensions that are on offer!  However, if you fall under a large body-frame like Jordy, we will make the necessary adjustments to suit the correct volume needed. Speed is a maneuver all on its own, the fact that it is; it's the essential asset to improve your surfing!

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