Our RIOT Model is one of my most versatile mid-range performance models (based off 90's outlines). It has many added values in its design and is used as a step-down replacement board when surfing smaller or cut less waves – a must in your quiver.  The best performance we get out of the Riot is mealy because we have a moderate nose entry rocker, and a deep single concave that runs throughout the bottom deck.  Not too much tail lift, and the outline is wider in both tail and nose area, hence creating a quicker acceleration as the tails carries more volume and width.  For the heavier surfers, our new "low-down" rail offers more opportunities when doing turns or cut-backs. The slightly added volume will be a big help when catching waves as well as paddling out to the lineup.  The beauty is that the slightly wider out-line-template, has a slight hip in the tail, which allows you to control tighter arks and longer radius's when pushing harder, as heavier surfers have more power to engage the rail through maneuvers.  basically, this board is designed to be ridden in good medium-high waves, or smaller sloppier conditions.   We find reducing the size by an 1" or 2" than your regular board, makes this board come alive. It performs well as a Thruster or Quad.  The objective is to utilize a 5-fin set up if bigger surf is on hand - we had JBay over-head, riding both fin options, and they both felt amazing. With the Thruster setup - this allowed for better carves!

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