Friar Tuck

The Jordy Friar-Tuck Model is our advanced big-boy all round surfboard for heavier surfers, that can be used for beginners or more mature surfers. Its well-balanced volume is the key factor behind this model, as this design offers a wide range in size selection that will accommodate small, medium or even head high waves when used by good surfers. The outline consists of a wider/curvier outline with an old school wide nose and tail, offering more volume, putting the emphasis on easy paddling when catching waves.  The deep modern concave, low entry rocker, will generate speed – making this board quick off the mark, and making turns easier. The moderate tail lift and double concave Vee in the tail allows for easier rail-to-rail transition, keeping the looseness under your feet when needed. We suggest Thruster 3 fin setups for learners and quad 5-fin setup for intermediate to good surfers, and ridden 2″ to 6″ shorter than your regular board. This model is recommended as a Swallow tail only – the swallow tail shape helps to sink the tail when pressure is applied thus giving you more hold and less drift through turns.

standard Sizes FT
small sizes FT
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