Our JEDI is a new release for 2017 with some new added features. These changes where adjusted after spending time with Jordy at Trestles, and utilizing a faster outline by having a straighter rail out-line in the tail area, thus giving us more drive, and increasing speed. Thus, producing a lightning fast small to medium wave wonder for those hollow punchy or sloppier wave faces. This natural bottom curve with its deep single into a double concave design, allows for quicker planning as the double concave enhances a smother flow of water for a better release. The Jedi has two possible tail configurations, swallow with channels and squash with no Channels.This design will add a new dimension to your high-performance surfing, as we have introduced two dims-Versions that one can choose from to maximize your options in both categories of either heavy or light weight surfers on what's the best liters to ride!
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