The Ignite model is my latest edition to be added to our performance range – it has noticeable acceleration from the start, making it very responsive. So, if those weak or slower conditions are on offer, this board will lap up any wave thrown at it. The Ignite design has been refined to work well in most favorable conditions, as I have blended two models into one. With my recent travels on tour with Jordy, I have seen the changing of the guard during 2017. So, my main concept was to have a board design that will allow you to reach better options when riding waves of consequence. Therefore, we kept a standard nose lift and reduced the bottom rocker in the belly, keeping a strong 1/4” concave running throughout the bottom deck and running out behind the fin area. We added a decent longer tail-lift, giving us more controlled speed and better opportunities of holding when doing power arcs and tighter turns. Our focus was to have a board with plenty of squirt at all times. We have noticed that the new shapers trend is moving towards surfboards having a little more all-round surface area by "adding a bit more width".  So, my focus was to keep speed in mind - we added a touch more Volume to increase surface area!  Therefore, a slightly wider plan shape and a straighter pulled in tail outline, will give us plenty of hold and control when needed, epically in hollow or punchier waves. The fun aspect is that this model is a board for all sessions and comes in two fin options; 3x fin thruster or 5x fin setup and ridden only 1-2 inches shorter than your standard performance board. We recommend this model to all our buyers, as it's probably the most common model that will accommodate waves from 3ft-6ft and ridden globally on a day to day basis.

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