Our new Dumper Model is based off my old-school twin that I've re-created in Japan, and wanted to take on the "Short surfboard syndrome" much like I did in the 80"s. The Dumper model has all the qualities of any high-performance board due to its natural bottom curve throughout, and it's rolled deck, giving it hidden volume, allowing for easier transition's, and paddling, making it easier for catching waves. The speed that's generated, is merely from its extra deep single concave, running into a double concave Vee in the tail, giving it instant speed, and putting looseness under your feet. The Dumper's "out-line" template plays a huge part in the makeup of this model, as the fuller nose and wider tail, gives it "glide" through tunes and maneuvers. The combination of the wider swallow tail and the high wing break in the tail, gives it more "push-back" if one gets caught in the white-water. The drive is amazing, which enhances squirt off its straighter rail, making the tail area very versatile in small to head high surf conditions. Basically, this board can be ridden 3" / 4" shorter than your regular board and comes standard stock as a Thruster or as a Quad (5 fin) setup to handle punchy beach-breaks, point or reef-breaks. Basically, a must for any surfer-traveler who's serious about putting hype back into his or her surfing.

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