We finally designed a board that will allow you to surf the smallest of small waves on offer, anything between 1ft to 4ft, and is short enough to stick inside your car or even dump it in the trunk, as its design-makeup will make you feel like you are the only surfer that is going to catch waves as you invade your local lineup. Small waves are found all year round, so this board serves its purpose, either winter or summer. Its design is to give you the best of all conditions! Have a board that eats up slop when used as a 3-fin – or surf good waves when used as a quad, in the 5-fin setup. Our remedy and ingredients are based on the low entry rocker, combined with a flatter bottom, a standard reasonable single concave that spreads into a Vee in the tail and helps you to get up onto the rail quicker. We have hidden the volume on the stringer, so as to keep the board looking sexy in appearance. We have refined and reduced the volume throughout the rails so as to sink wider outlines quicker, resulting in a better performance when laying it on the rail. Finally, you will find this short Bullfrog board has plenty of spring, as being shorter and recommended to be ridden 4″ to 5″ shorter than your regular board, making it easier for when doing airs and stuff. You will be surprised at how easily it paddles for its size and once surfed, and you will be astounded how versatile this board surfs in those small wave conditions.
bullfrog table
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