The past few years have been about moving towards shorter boards, and we find Kelly doing just that in the term of the changing of the guard, and in doing so, fitting into the new criteria of competitive surfing. Shorter, wider and marginally increased volume is the trend, and the need for speed is to fuse all these elements and design a board that will perform well in everything, from 3-foot, up to 6-foot grinders. The Jordy Chopper Modelfits the new school performance criteria.  My latest efforts have been to tweak the Chopper model, which falls under my “domestic series”. This also allows us to take advantage of smaller, weaker or gutless conditions, as this model has a generous amount of hidden volume throughout. It is designed to put the influence on having fun without sacrificing any surfing performance or waves ridden. The basic outline and subtle curves are strong features regarding the elements in this design, added to the pulled in rounded pin. This allows you to capitalize and take advantage of any surf situation on offer. It should be ridden 2″ to 3″ shorter than your normal board. We find this basic formula of increased width, thickness and flatter curves have helped to generate speed off the bat. The fuller nose and reduced lower rocker, in both the nose and tail area, will give you the feeling that you’re gliding effortlessly in and out of turns, as its deep single concave will release water with ease, giving you lift and creating speed. The Chopper is designed to perform at its best as a 5-fin set-up. Thus offering us both options of Thruster or Quad fin setup when hold is needed in good, banging waves. It’s all about being in the mood. The Chopper will put you in that space of your feeling content riding this semi-high-performance vehicle.
chopper lite
chopper heavy
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