When last did you have a short board that combines high-performance surfing with small wave benefits. The Firefly Model is that board that's proved and tested its way too many finals. This design came about when Jordy embarked on the WQS in 2006, he needed a board that would suit his size when surfing those sloppy gutless waves, and he overcame those conditions riding the Firefly. One has to remember, he was tall, big and strong whilst growing up, and managed to surf waves between 2-4 feet with progression and invasion, and finally got to the place he wanted to be!  The beauty of this board is that it is fast!   Speed is key in small waves, and looseness allows you to milk the waves till the end. A lot of adjustment where done, and we now finally have it tuned to perform in any small to medium waves. The extra deep concave and wider tail area allows for quicker acceleration, which is much needed in small conditions. The gradual nose curve ends with a 5" nose rocker - not low at all, but allows water to pass through quicker, giving you lift as the water exists the 2" tail lift, making it fast and responsive. You will ride this board 70% of the time during summer swells, as its versatility will keep you pushing the limits, and practicing airs, amongst your other progressive moves.  The slightly fuller out-line in the nose and tail, will suit the bigger guy's and with our new boxy down-rail, you will notice how easily the board responds when changing rail to rail.  Another advantage is the hip in the tail, it really adds to the drive as it straightens up the rail curve and makes this board come alive when utilizing your tail.  I would suggest that the volume be slightly increased as we hold it on the stringer, making the rail still looking sexy.   This will also give you added float when surfing smaller waves.  We recommended you drop the size by 1 – 3 inches off your current board length.  We will add more width if you prefer to go shorter as the swallow tail configuration is the magic that keeps you snapping in and out of turns, making it much easier, and keep you close to the pocket. It's about having a responsive board under your feet, that will get heads turning.  It's all about fun and improving!
Firefly table
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