My Jordy GX-88 Model is your go-to High Performance board when the swell is pumping or overhead. This Jordy birth date “88” model has being tried and tested by Jordy in Hawaii and at our local beach breaks at New Pier and at our famous JBay where Jordy first showed the surfing world he was a force to be reckoned with! When the swell kicks in, you want a board that has a perfect blend and gives you a positive response in your equipment so your confidence grows stronger and stronger as you surf what’s on offer. We have experienced in the past that a subtle single concave, running into a double and spilling off with a Vee in the tail is best – the fact is that you need your board to hold in and out of turns as this bottom setup will give you a smoother ride, and the Pin-tail prevents spin out! The “proud” rocker throughout fits better in the face of larger waves and also allows for better control when going fast. The combination of a well-balanced down-rail, deck roll and volume distribution is key for performance when surfing solid faces or tube riding. One needs to climb and drop quicker on the face of the wave, so it’s important to have a quick release through turns when pushing hard off the bottom. We can’t afford to have rails catching or bogging, so a curvier natural bottom rocker will give us a smother rail to rail transition when “hot dogging” along the face of the wave – thus putting confidence where it should be! We suggest a 5-fin Quad setup that will give you more options when surfing different global surf destinations, – the choice is yours.
Gx88 table
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