The Jordy Wizard model was designed for most types of waves and surfers that want to feel something positive under their feet. This model features a traditional nose lift that runs into a flatter belly rocker, giving us tons of speed. The single concave flowing into a double concave, with the enhanced tail lift that spreads out to a slight Vee just behind the fins, allowing for easier transitions with a touch of looseness. This popular model has a bit more volume evenly distributed throughout, and ridden 1–2 inches shorter than your regular board. The wide point is a little forward, so the slightly wider nose helps for better tube riding and the curvier outline and it’s pulled in tail, gives better hold and drive through turns. The medium low rail gives us easier rail-to-rail transition, which makes this model perform well in punchy beach-breaks or point breaks with versatility at its best. We found quad and 5-fin setups are best, offering more options as tested at Cave Rock in testing conditions – basically whatever is thrown at this model, it will take it on.
wizard table
Whiplash side 1
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